PhD / Research Doctorate

If you are already enrolled in this PhD, or if you are looking for more information, visit the PhD in Chemistry and Biology webpage.


The PhD is the highest level of education foreseen in the Italian academic system.

Our Department coordinates a three-year Doctorate in Chemistry and Biology.

Our PhD course was set up to train experts in understanding the mechanism of living systems, in the discovery and development of new molecules and materials, with applications in therapeutic and diagnostic, sensor and bioelectronic fields and researchers able to identify applications in energy, environmental and nutrition issues. To achieve this goal, the teaching staff is made up of researchers of the highest scientific profile with publications in international journals, who provide all the necessary skills to the 2 active curricula.

  • Chemical methodologies for new molecules and nanomaterials;
  • Energy, environmental and food sciences.

Future PhD students will receive training which will allow them to access positions of the highest professional profile in various industrial sectors and research centers in the areas of food safety, environmental protection and industrial quality. They will also be able to take on responsibility positions in industries operating in materials, health and medicines, food, energy sectors.

Access is limited and you are admitted if you have a master's degree, through participation in a public competition, with evaluation of qualifications and exam tests.

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Furthermore, the following Doctoral Cycles were previously held at DiSIT: